Ingleside, Northern Beaches Council

Ingleside, Northern Beaches Council

Ingleside, Northern Beaches Council


Antoun’s Construction were engaged to undertake the works required for Design & Construction to manage the flood hazard and overland flow, which was causing significant erosion to neighbouring properties.

The works completed include:

  • Design and construct an earthen berm and swale to redirect and manage overland flow of water, which was previously causing soil erosion.
  • Strip topsoil in natural flow channel and line with geotextile and 70mm+ rock armour to slow flow rate
  • Import of material to reshape and regrade existing ground to encourage waterflow to new swale drain
  • Reseeding of disturbed areas to maintain natural stabilization
  • Project Name:

    Ingleside, Northern Beaches Council

  • Client:

    NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

  • Value:


  • Location:


  • Project Duration:

    2 weeks

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